Because mummy knows best

By Liffy Thomas

‘I need a nanny for my 18-month-old son. The nanny should engage my son is activities like reading, playing, etc. in addition to taking care of him from 10 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.’, ‘Can I find a good gynaecologist in Tambaram?’, ‘Can DPT vaccine be administered to a child when he has cold?’ … . Questions like these abound when you are a new mom or someone unfamiliar to the city.

What do you do then? Confide in a colleague, look for help in your neighbour (but I don’t speak Tamil!) or in the least call up your parents/in-laws for whatever little advice they can offer?

Thanks to the Internet, today even the most technology-challenged of us rely on the virtual world for every piece of information. Cashing on this trend is Bhavani K. Raman, founder of – a platform that allows mothers to address, rant, fret or laugh about anything that concerns mothers.

Quest for local information about the city after her return from the U.S. motivated this mother of two and a former software engineer to come up with such a platform with her friend Rajaa Murugan. “The information is all about Chennai. Queries related to schools and gynaecology top the list,” says Bhavani.

So, who is answering the umpteen questions they are bombarded with day-in and day-out? The website so far has over 400 registered moms who answer the questions – they are moms who either know the city very well or have a solution to every question their folk go through. They need not necessarily be in Chennai, but have some link with the city.

“Forty to 50 per cent of our members are women who have taken a break from work,” Bhavani says about how net-savvy women have become. Besides asking, advising and associating with other mothers, also conducts contest for mothers, has a blog and many more upcoming features. Happy networking!


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