There is more to a name

By Deepa Venkatraman

Explore the secret behind the names of rock and metal bands that have been entertaining you with foot-thumping and head-banging music

Armour of God

It was a pleasant evening and the band members were racking their heads outside a church for a name. Eureka! Farah, one of their former vocalists, came up with Armour of God. Guitarist Addy says, “Although we are a death metal band we are not anti-Christ and our songs are a blend of fierceness and melody. Our name reflects the kind of music we compose.”


They didn’t know each other till they formed a band about a year ago. They were from different genres of music but had a lot of energy to give best form of music from their cell and hence they came up with the name Incarcerate which means prison in Latin. Prasanna percussionist of the Blues-rock band says, “There was a suggestion for Rock Incarcerate, but later changed it as we would be branded rock group. Within this confinement there is this force that is expected to bring out the unexpected.”


This is one rock band that has a name nothing to do with their music or songs, but it is a funny tale. Satish, the bass guitarist, recalls, “We were watching the film Ice Age just before our practice session and one of our team members suggested why not we name the group after one of the characters – Scrat. It was cute and we all liked the idea. The character is always seen hunting and loves food and so do we.”


They are a three-month-young Tamil metal band comprising Naveen on drums, Athithya on bass, Erick on lead guitar and Eddy on vocals. Their band name means ‘flood’ in Tamil. Naveen says, “Our music unleashes like a flood and since our songs are in Tamil we thought of keeping the name of the band in the same language.” Yet another acoustic band with an extremely witty name, L.E.M. (Liberty, Equality and Masala Tea), formed by Naveen is going to rock the city next month. When asked about the funda behind the name, he says, “Wait and watch but our songs are full of life for the people of Chennai.”

Blood Covenant

Blood Covenant is one of the first Christian death metal bands formed in the city in 2005. All their lyrics are coined based on the New Testament, when Jesus sacrificed his blood for the wellbeing of the people. Ronald, the guitarist, says, “As our songs reflect Biblical sayings sung in the death metal format, we stuck to this name.”


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