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Padmavathy and Narasimhamoorthy are senior citizens, grappling with the task of running a non-profit organisation in an age where technology makes all the difference. Until recently, they did not know how to use email. Their young volunteers connected them to an email account and showed them the basics.

Over a decade ago, the aged couple founded the Animal Welfare and Protection Trust (AWPT) that is now a familiar name in Chennai. The organisation has made thousands of rescues, sterilised large number of street animals in many areas in and around the city to bring down the population and conducted vaccination camps. Recently, in the wake of layoffs, salary cuts and uncertainty, their donations have plummeted.

Their new plan is to appeal to large corporate organisations that could assist them as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, thereby reducing their dependence on individual contributions.

When companies are contacted, they usually expect to see a full-fledged website, a logo and a slogan. While the Trustees do have an online presence (, a professionally maintained image in the virtual world will make a better impact when they’re appealing to large corporate houses for help.

Can you help them?

(a) If you have a passion for web designing, your skills in completely revamping their website will be of great help. Better navigation and clarity are the top goals, but any other inputs you might have will be welcome during the redesigning process. All the content is ready and will be provided by their volunteers.

(b) If you’re a graphic designer or simply someone who has an artistic side, you can create a logo for AWPT that symbolises their compassion.

The Trustees are not in a position to pay for these services so they seek your help.

Please come through for them once again with your thinking hats and your technological expertise. Rest assured, it will make all the difference.

Buzz Mahalakshmi at 9940026283 or email


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