Hulk the saviour

By Ergo Correspondent

My dog Hulk was born in April 1999 and strolled into our arms when he was a month old. He was trained in his manners and at the same time thoroughly spoiled by me. One winter night, the night my husband was returning from his usual flight, Hulk proved his love and loyalty.

I was watching the television till about 1.15 a.m. and then went to bed. Twenty minutes later, Hulk was barking furiously and was on top of me looking into my eyes and then looking towards the door. I kept asking him: ‘What is it, baby?’

He ran to the door barking, and then back to me. I sensed danger and went to the kitchen for a knife. I went close to the door and to my horror, I smelt alcohol. It was an intruder. With trembling hands, I called my neighbour. He told me to come to the front balcony and I threw the house keys to him. He was up in a jiffy, opened my door and Hulk ran to the terrace.

The intruder was smart to latch the terrace door while escaping hence we could not gain entry to the terrace. We had to keep banging and kicking the door, only then the latch let go. Once on the terrace, Hulk ran to one end and we realised that the intruder had scaled the pipe and escaped.

On two other occasions, Hulk came to the rescue of my family by alerting us about intruders who often tried to break in at night when my husband was out of town.

Dogs are like children who want to be loved and cared for; you can see affection on their faces. On July 12th, Hulk was laid to rest due to Degenerative Myelopathy, a chronic disease that German Shepherds are predisposed to. We all loved him very much and thank God for sending us his guardian angel in the form of a dog. We are grateful to man’s best friend, who asked for nothing but gave us his all.


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