Cogito, Ergo Sum

Welcome to Goergo.in, the website of Ergo, the new publication from Kasturi and Sons, the publishers of The Hindu.

Ergo, an all-colour tabloid, is a free sheet targeted at young, salaried professionals of Chennai. We have launched our offline paper on a controlled circulation model targeting the IT corridor with an initial print order of close to 50,000 copies. Even by very conservative estimates, our initial readership should cross a lakh.

Story of Ergo

The path to Ergo began on July 20, when the directors of Kasturi and Sons, met with a small group of young professionals from within the group publications, including The Hindu and Sportstar.

We were briefed to go to various software companies and find out from the young readers their taste and preferences for news. During the next 30 days, we made several field visits and also studied some publications popular with the youth. Based on our observations, we made a presentation to the Board of Directors on August 20 and quickly enough the project was approved.

The team was handed total editorial freedom, with just two riders: to follow the “rule of the land”; and keep a check on issues pertaining to taste.

Rush Hour

Ergo was not our initial name to the project. Our working title till even October was ‘Rush Hour’. Not that we are all great fans of Jackie Chan (actually I am) but we thought the words best described our target audience.

Our aim is to put out a tabloid that informs quickly and maintains an irreverent tone while doing so. Nothing heavy. Something like Cappuccino Latte. :-)

We also aim to make Ergo experience as interactive as it can get, reaching out through cross-media storytelling and creating reader-powered content. All our journalists are training to podcast and videocast, and we are proud to say that we will be the first from within Kasturi and Sons Group to generate rich media. A fully-fledged multimedia studio is being readied within The Hindu office on Anna Salai for this purpose.

The Challenge

We are all very, very young. Some of us are also very, very new in the journalism field.

So can a team of young professionals bring about a change in the way a traditional news organisation functions?

Just how far can we allow the readers to get a step inside our functioning - through freelance contributions and interactive features?

It is perhaps the biggest challenge all of us have faced so far, and perhaps will ever face. On behalf of the rest of the team, including Sriya Narayanan (23), the head of Advertising , and Babu Vijay (30), head of Circulation, I can only say that the last two months have a lifetime within a lifetime for all of us.

We welcome any kind of feedback, the good and the critical. We are striving to make this a readers’ medium as much as we can. So get in touch with us by email at feedback@goergo.in.

The Team

Let me introduce our team, along with one word or a phrase I think best describes them.

Sriya Narayanan - Head of Advertising - “thorough”

RA Babu Vijay - Head of Circulation - “workhorse”

Vijay Parthasarathy - Deputy Editor - “dude”

Liffy Thomas - Sub-editor - “diligent”

Shalini Shah - Sub-editor - “brilliant”

Ayon Sengupta - Reporter - “The Buddha from the land of Buddhadeb Bhattacharya”

Petlee Peter - Reporter - “super, machi”

J.A.Prem Kumar and Ravi Kannan are our creative visualisers, who are the soul of the print edition.

R.Ravindran and S.S.Kumar are our photographers.

I also want to acknowledge a few other keyplayers in Ergo - N.Nagaraj of New Media, Kasturi and Sons (Group), ‘Quiz’ Ramanan and several others whose names I am not able to recollect immediately.

A Big Thanks to all of you.

Our philosophy

What philosophy? Screw it.

Dear readers, this is just the very beginning. Keep watching.

Karthik Subramanian,

Editor, Publisher and Printer,


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